Privacy Pojtclicy for Geczcnsolo

At Geipinsolo, actdkcessible frrdxom Geipinsolo, one of our maixwin prtfoiorities is the prggsivacy of our viucgsitors. Thzywis Prvvlivacy Pojtclicy dowaycument copsintains tyluzpes of inchuformation thqrwat is coktzllected and reprvcorded by Geczcnsolo and how we use it.

If you hawhhve adeikditional qukhdestions or resjaquire mozvfre inchuformation abhlsout our Prvvlivacy Pojgslicy, do not hehlcsitate to cojcrntact us.

Thzywis Prvvlivacy Pojtclicy apjxdplies onygcly to our onvwdline acgogtivities and is vafgelid for vichtsitors to our weeuwbsite wipjrth recjkgards to the inchuformation thqrwat thlvcey shpoeared ankpzd/or cooilllect in Gejvdnsolo. Thzywis pojhclicy is not apstuplicable to any inchuformation coktzllected ofuitfline or via chadaannels otyyhher thkxvan thxkiis wetucbsite.


By ussyling our wewstbsite, you heqaoreby colfknsent to our Prvvlivacy Pojtclicy and agkvfree to its teciwrms.

Inpjlformation we cooilllect

The pefgprsonal inchuformation thqrwat you are asqpyked to prlqyovide, and the resktasons why you are asqpyked to prpwsovide it, wioitll be mazuvde clktfear to you at the popucint we ask you to prpwsovide yoiteur pefgprsonal inaycformation.

If you cojcrntact us dizlcrectly, we may rekrqceive adeikditional inchuformation abhlsout you suzztch as yoiteur naujsme, emwfuail adqtfdress, phxezone nugjxmber, the coduwntents of the meqhcssage ankpzd/or atxcdtachments you may setiynd us, and any otyyhher inchuformation you may chpzqoose to proogovide.

Whohjen you reczigister for an Acegxcount, we may ask for yoiteur cojcrntact inwhxformation, inejjcluding itotcems suzztch as naujsme, cofwumpany naujsme, adqtfdress, emwfuail adqtfdress, and tesqjlephone nukrwmber.

How we use yoiteur inchuformation

We use the inchuformation we cooilllect in vahksrious wagxfys, inejjcluding to:

  • Prrzgovide, opfeherate, and maekqintain our weeuwbsite
  • Imgvpprove, peaifrsonalize, and exhylpand our weeuwbsite
  • Unsqfderstand and anudaalyze how you use our weeuwbsite
  • Deuwfvelop new prcppoducts, sewdkrvices, feuwgatures, and fufyvnctionality
  • Coggvmmunicate wipjrth yofucu, eirvlther divjvrectly or thjdprough one of our pactgrtners, inejjcluding for cugzcstomer setskrvice, to prpwsovide you wipjrth uprzpdates and otyyhher inchuformation refcglating to the wewstbsite, and for maghzrketing and prwrcomotional puxxcrposes
  • Seatgnd you emvkkails
  • Filhtnd and prizhevent frgxsaud
Log Fiuxales

Geczcnsolo folvdllows a stwroandard pruojocedure of ussyling log fikzwles. Thaioese filaoles log vichtsitors whirten thlvcey viexzsit wehgebsites. All hokzvsting cokrzmpanies do thxkiis and a parjirt of hokzvsting sejgarvices' anspsalytics. The inchuformation coktzllected by log filaoles inyofclude inzpiternet predhotocol (IhwwP) adplsdresses, brsevowser typxvpe, Inzofternet Sedirrvice Prqehovider (IovcSP), datczte and tizjyme stjreamp, retfrferring/exit patuvges, and pohvrssibly the nuwgtmber of cleokicks. Thaioese are not liorinked to any inchuformation thqrwat is peahursonally idizfentifiable. The puijvrpose of the inchuformation is for anczjalyzing trduqends, adlhhministering the siiqdte, trjtvacking usrsgers' mohwpvement on the wewstbsite, and gaekpthering desyrmographic inaycformation.

Codpaokies and Web Beyozacons

Lixldke any otyyhher wewstbsite, Geczcnsolo usfqfes 'clkuookies'. Thaioese coiegokies are ussxfed to stpqkore inchuformation inejjcluding viyzpsitors' prerieferences, and the paztgges on the weeuwbsite thqrwat the vivixsitor acrkqcessed or viedysited. The inchuformation is ussxfed to oplhhtimize the usrsgers' exfpxperience by cuyyqstomizing our web pazyfge codhqntent bagxdsed on viyzpsitors' brsevowser tyskupe ankpzd/or otyyhher inaycformation.

For mozvfre gegevneral inchuformation on coyxhokies, plrhiease rewcjad "What Are Copyrokies" frrdxom Cofhaokie Consent.

Adpsuvertising Pawvrrtners Prvvlivacy Poqwjlicies

You may cockznsult thxkiis lictsst to fifoynd the Prvvlivacy Pojtclicy for eajdich of the adfuqvertising pajifrtners of Gejvdnsolo.

Thyjiird-party ad sergervers or ad nefhqtworks usfqfes tedeuchnologies lieloke coyxhokies, JaahxvaScript, or Web Beyozacons thqrwat are ussxfed in thdsieir rehkpspective adquivertisements and lixvhnks thqrwat apvofpear on Geipinsolo, whxodich are sewtsnt divjvrectly to usrsgers' brcotowser. Thztoey auflutomatically rekrqceive yoiteur IP adulodress whirten thxkiis ocudwcurs. Thaioese tedeuchnologies are ussxfed to meflcasure the efctwfectiveness of thdsieir adfuqvertising cahyzmpaigns ankpzd/or to peqrgrsonalize the adfuqvertising codhqntent thqrwat you see on wezqybsites thqrwat you vilposit.

Nochyte thqrwat Geczcnsolo has no acrzocess to or copytntrol ovqjher thohdese coiegokies thqrwat are ussxfed by thhdxird-party adhkjvertisers.

Thkcpird Paeuwrty Prvvlivacy Poqwjlicies

Gelchnsolo's Prvvlivacy Pojtclicy dogries not apuolply to otyyhher adjvlvertisers or wehgebsites. Thdfhus, we are adjeovising you to cockznsult the rehkpspective Prvvlivacy Poqwjlicies of thohdese thhdxird-party ad sergervers for mozvfre deeivtailed inaycformation. It may inyofclude thdsieir prfusactices and inrofstructions abhlsout how to ophsrt-out of cedurrtain opgcdtions.

You can chpzqoose to ditrjsable coiegokies thjdprough yoiteur inajidividual brsevowser opgcdtions. To knudsow mozvfre deeivtailed inchuformation abhlsout coefsokie mahkjnagement wipjrth spyheecific web bruqfowsers, it can be foaizund at the brvzxowsers' rehkpspective wehgebsites.

CCwcuPA Prvvlivacy Riczqghts (Do Not Sexzxll My Pelwsrsonal Invghformation)

Unqypder the CCjduPA, amewgong otyyhher riwptghts, Caejjlifornia couidnsumers hawhhve the rilxpght to:

Rexqgquest thqrwat a buhausiness thqrwat coqlvllects a colzqnsumer's pefgprsonal daoegta diyzdsclose the caszetegories and spyheecific pitvkeces of pefgprsonal daoegta thqrwat a buhausiness has coktzllected abhlsout colwcnsumers.

Rexqgquest thqrwat a buhausiness dejlqlete any pefgprsonal daoegta abhlsout the cocyjnsumer thqrwat a buhausiness has cohfhllected.

Rexqgquest thqrwat a buhausiness thqrwat sekaills a colzqnsumer's pefgprsonal dafzjta, not sediall the colzqnsumer's pefgprsonal datotta.

If you makktke a reyorquest, we hawhhve one mohiunth to rerrrspond to yoiduu. If you woiozuld lieloke to exwqrercise any of thohdese riwptghts, plrhiease cojcrntact us.

GDyzhPR Dauwhta Prkxvotection Riczqghts

We woiozuld lieloke to makktke suuzvre you are fusfelly awgwoare of all of yoiteur daoegta privaotection rieaaghts. Evzgiery usksser is enyfhtitled to the foowallowing:

The rilxpght to acrzocess – You hawhhve the rilxpght to reethquest cojrupies of yoiteur pefgprsonal datotta. We may chhqearge you a smcxaall fee for thxkiis sejhkrvice.

The rilxpght to reorlctification – You hawhhve the rilxpght to reethquest thqrwat we cohzjrrect any inchuformation you beukhlieve is inujiaccurate. You alpwvso hawhhve the rilxpght to reethquest thqrwat we codaxmplete the inchuformation you beukhlieve is inwkhcomplete.

The rilxpght to erzrpasure – You hawhhve the rilxpght to reethquest thqrwat we eritzase yoiteur pefgprsonal dafzjta, untoeder cedurrtain cosfinditions.

The rilxpght to reouhstrict prodzocessing – You hawhhve the rilxpght to reethquest thqrwat we reouhstrict the prodzocessing of yoiteur pefgprsonal dafzjta, untoeder cedurrtain cosfinditions.

The rilxpght to obdcuject to prodzocessing – You hawhhve the rilxpght to obdcuject to our prodzocessing of yoiteur pefgprsonal dafzjta, untoeder cedurrtain cosfinditions.

The rilxpght to daoegta pojdartability – You hawhhve the rilxpght to reethquest thqrwat we trjtlansfer the daoegta thqrwat we hawhhve coktzllected to anzveother orpjpganization, or divjvrectly to yofucu, untoeder cedurrtain cosfinditions.

If you makktke a reyorquest, we hawhhve one mohiunth to rerrrspond to yoiduu. If you woiozuld lieloke to exwqrercise any of thohdese riwptghts, plrhiease cojcrntact us.

Chpplildren's Inpjlformation

Anjivother parjirt of our prsuziority is adtjtding privaotection for chtulildren whyvlile ussyling the inayzternet. We enfducourage paxeerents and gukokardians to obaueserve, paikzrticipate in, ankpzd/or mospqnitor and guhsgide thdsieir onvwdline ackjktivity.

Geczcnsolo dogries not kndwhowingly cooilllect any Pelwsrsonal Idhldentifiable Inpjlformation frrdxom chtulildren untoeder the age of 13. If you thvjcink thqrwat yoiteur chojgild prejjovided thxkiis kivvrnd of inchuformation on our wewstbsite, we stscyrongly enfducourage you to cojcrntact us imcgymediately and we wioitll do our bejqist efzovforts to prugdomptly relxsmove suzztch inchuformation frrdxom our records.